blooming valley farms is a family owned and operated organic produce farm providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to meadville, pa.

About Us


Our clients enjoy locally-grown, ultra-fresh produce that is delivered right to their homes, and reap all the benefits of buying from local organic farmers: superior taste, excellent nutrition, and the confidence that comes from knowing where your food was grown.

Our commitment to the well being of our community has also made us participants in the Pennsylvania Farmers Market Nutrition Program. This program helps the recipients of WIC benefits by providing them with fresh local produce. Low-income families have a particularly hard time maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, and our farmers market program helps them overcome these challenges. The nutrition program also raises awareness of farmers markets throughout the entire community.


This community-oriented mentality is the basis of CSA (community supported agriculture) programs like ours. We believe that more interactions between farmers and consumers benefit everyone, both by bringing nutritious foods from farms to tables and fostering a sense of trust and openness among members of the community. Consumers of all ages benefit from knowing where their food comes from, and farmers spend less time worrying about cash flow.

For fresh local fruits, vegetables, and herbs turn to Blooming Valley Farms. We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality produce that your whole family will enjoy. Pre-order our products online for convenient pickup locations in NW PA!