Our Vegetable Starts

blooming valley farms is a family owned and operated organic produce farm providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to meadville, pa.

Vegetable Starts

Blooming Valley Farms offers vegetables plants in Meadville, PA. We are committed to improving the lives and health of our customers by supplying them with the best quality plants and seeds from our family-run, family-owned farm. Customers who want to enjoy organic produce and want to grow it themselves will love our services. We do not deliver plants and seeds, patrons can order online for pickup at our farm!


Growing your own food is one of the best ways to reduce your grocery bill and live more sustainably. By itself, gardening already has wonderful health benefits: it reduces stress, gets you out into the fresh air, and allows you to control exactly what sort of food you put on your table. Even your children will be more likely to eat vegetables if they have had a hand in growing them. When you grow organic vegetables sourced from a responsible farmer, you are increasing the health benefits even more.

We at Blooming Valley Farms can supply you with everything you need to get your home garden started. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing precisely where your plants and seeds come from and how they got to you.

Start enjoying the benefits of having your own organic garden today. Click the shop button below to get started, we look forward to working with you!